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Nationwide Airlines BAC 1-11 Ser 400, B727/737 (NTW01)

Nationwide Airlines BAC 1-11 Ser 400, B727/737

Nationwide started charter operations in 1991 ; scheduled domestic service was started in 1995. The airline operated a fleet of more than 20 aircraft featuring the Boeing 727 and Boeing 737 with service to cities all around South Africa as well as to international destinations. This program takes you for a selection of flights on the B727-100 and B737-200 to 8 destinations serviced from the Johannesburg International Airport hub including Capetown, Durban and Sun City plus a pair of international destinations in Zambia. We also get a chance to ride the BAC 1-11. Flight Information A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations Bac111-400 ZS-OAH CE 552 JNB-ELS 1h13 JNB Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA ELS East London, SOUTH AFRICA Bac111-400 ZS-OAH CE 553 ELS-JNB 1h08 ELS East London, SOUTH AFRICA JNB Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA B727-100 ZS-NYY CE 230 JNB-LVI 1h19 JNB Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA LVI Livingstone, SOUTH AFRICA B727-100 ZS-NYY CE 232 LVI-NTY 1h10 LVI Livingstone, SOUTH AFRICA NTY Sun City, SOUTH AFRICA B727-100 ZS-NYY CE 231 NTY-LVI 1h10 NTY Sun City, SOUTH AFRICA LVI Livingstone, SOUTH AFRICA B727-100 ZS-NYY CE 233 LVI-JNB 1h36 LVI Livingstone, SOUTH AFRICA JNB Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA B727-100 ZS-NYY CE 502 JNB-GRJ 1h26 JNB Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA GRJ George, SOUTH AFRICA B727-100 ZS-NYY CE 511 GRJ-JNB 1h22 GRJ George, SOUTH AFRICA JNB Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA B727-100 ZS-NYY CE 216 JNB-LVI 1h15 JNB Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA LVI Livingstone, SOUTH AFRICA B737-200 ZS-OVF CE 312 LVI-LUN 0h36 LVI Livingstone, SOUTH AFRICA LUN Lusaka, ZAMBIA B737-200 ZS-OVF CE 315 LUN-LIV 0h40 LUN Lusaka, ZAMBIA LVI Livingstone, SOUTH AFRICA B737-200 ZS-OVF CE 215 LIV-JNB 1h28 LVI Livingstone, SOUTH AFRICA JNB Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA B737-200 ZS-OVF CE 710 JNB-CPT 1h58 JNB Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA CPT Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA B737-200 ZS-OEZ CE 605 CPT-DUR 1h36 CPT Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA DUR Durban, SOUTH AFRICA B737-200 ZS-OEZ CE 421 DUR-JNB 0h48 DUR Durban, SOUTH AFRICA JNB Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA B737-200 ZS-OVF CE 530 JNB-PLZ 1h13 JNB Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA PLZ Port Elizabeth, SOUTH AFRICA B737-200 ZS-OVF CE 531 PLZ-JNB 1h16 PLZ Port Elizabeth, SOUTH AFRICA JNB Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA Comments What a great DVD showing us so much of South Africa and its scenery, Zambia too as well as some classics in the 737-200 the 727-100 and the BAC 111 which is so rare to see in the skies these days. I also liked the fact that this video was longer than others so you really got great value for your purchase. The airline recently acquired its first 767-300 from Air Canada so this should be interesting for it will allow them to operate longer routes. It would be nice to see a program with the 767. A great DVD and must have in my opinion. Jeff Schapira, CANADA Hello, just wanted to say, how much I really enjoyed both The European and Nationwide Airlines DVDs featuring the BAC 1-11. I flew on the BAC 1-11s for many years whislt in service with Quebecair, British Airways and British Caledonian. It has brought back many found memories. You produced great work. Benoit Plamondon, CANADA The Nationwide DVD is an absolute classic! Never before have I seen such an interesting documentary about 3 classic aircraft. The scenery of South Africa is just stunning from the aircraft. The pilot does a very good job of giving a cockpit explanation in the 737-200, and the flight from the cabin was amazing as the thrust bucket reversers kicked in after landing. The flight in the thuderstorm was really cool to watch, as the pilot struggled to keep the aircraft straight on the take-off run. I have watched this over 10 times and still notice new details and learn new things. Coverage of the 727 is especially interesting, as it still needs a Flight Engineer. An absolute must, highly recommended. Hywel Phillips, UK Since purchasing the "Nationwide Airlines" DVD, I have watched it at least a dozen times. I must thank the Flight Engineer for his contribution. That includes his walk around and his detailed explanation of the flight engineer panel on the Boeing 727-100. But special thanks should go to Captain Warren for his contribution. That includes a tour of the 737-200 cockpit. I enjoyed all of the 737 flights on this DVDs and thanks to all the crew members. John C. McCreery, USA My 2nd DVD, Nationwide Airlines and I have to agree with all previous reviews this is a classic for anyones collection.Never having flown on a BAC111 this was indeed a treat and up in the cockpit as well WOW!. It was great to back on board the 727 and 737. Sights and Sounds are first class.I am ready to obtain my next DVD.Keep up the great work. James Gibson, CANADA This DVD is a classic!!!! WOW!!!! Three great aircrafts (B727-100, B737-200, and Bac-1-11) of which are disappearing from airline inventories. I bought this DVD to see the B727 but was equally impressed with the B737 and Bac1-11. Outstanding scenery of South Africa. Great briefing on the airline history by Mr. Charles Hoare and also a great briefing of the B737 cockpit by Captain Phillip Warren. I also enjoyed the views from in the cabin of the B737. Outstanding. This is a must have DVD that viewers will watch many, many times. Thank you so much World Air Routes. Stan Lenox, USA Just received my copy, 4th in my collection and by far the best. The 737 cockpit presentation is great and the walkarounds informative. The quality of the material just gets better. Siegfried Schuttler, SOUTH AFRICA I can only agree with Greg Rowland ; North Hollywood CA, USA. Wonderful DVD. Great to see the smaller airports in South Africa. Being from South Africa, it is great to it from the air on such a special DVD. Niel Swart, SOUTH AFRICA The Nationwide dvd is a great presentation of 3 classic jet airliner types. A comprehensive program including narrated walkarounds of all 3 types and cockpit presentations on 2 of them. A highlight is the flight in the cabin of a 737-200 from Livingstone to Jo'burg. Interesting and exotic scenery add to the enjoyment and the lightning flashes during the night time return flight from East London to Jo'burg aboard the Bac 1-11 are wild! The World Air Routes series is excellent! Greg Rowland, USA

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